Statement following the Israeli elections, April 2019
The Committee of the Scottish Palestinian Forum views with concern several aspects of the recent general election in Israel.

While the outcome has been far from surprising, the levels of violence and of disregard for international law in electioneering rhetoric were alarming. Furthermore, the opportunistic perpetration of atrocities in Gaza as an electioneering gimmick, accompanied by harassment of respected figures in Palestinian civil society, reflects a depth of corruption and cynicism in the body politic, quite apart from the criminal charges Prime Minister Netanyahu is seeking to evade by such means. The intimidation of Israeli Arab voters, manipulation of electoral laws to marginalise this section of the citizenry, and brazen attempts at voter suppression through illegal installation of surveillance cameras in polling booths by Likud operatives, demonstrate a contempt for the due processes of law and for the principles of democracy.

There can no longer be any pretence that Israel is a democracy, let alone “the only” democracy in the Middle East.